8 Common Hairdresser Mistakes



Here are 8 common mistakes we hair professionals make – and none of them include uneven bangs.  Avoiding these is easy when you think of yourself as a professional.

1. Having an irregular work schedule

Far too many hairdressers cross off time on their appointment books, or show an inconsistent work schedule that limits availability for customers. Set your schedule and stay in the salon. You never know when a customer will call for an appointment or just drop in.

2. Not getting customer or owner feedback

Invite customer feedback as well as feedback from your boss.  Give them permission to offer constructive criticism without taking this criticism personally – consider it a challenge to perfect your skills and improve customer service.

3. Unprofessional appearance

If you want to be respected and compensated like a professional, look and act like a professional. Hairdressers are in the business of improving appearances. Start with your own.

4. Involving customers in your personal problems

At times there can be a fine line between being friendly and interactive with your clients, and pulling them in to your own personal drama. Customers have enough problems of their own, they don’t need to be part of yours.

5. Not recognizing the power of customer service

Customer service is often measured not by meeting your clients’ expectations, but by exceeding them.  Develop powerful people and communication skills.  Go the extra mile with customer service. The rewards of doing so can go beyond your highest expectations.

6. Frequent salon changes

If at all possible, seek to find a solution to any work-related differences with your boss in private before considering leaving your current job.  If you still believe a job change is in your best interest, do so in an ethical manner. Never burn any bridges because you may need a reference (or a chance to return at a later date).

7. Never be late or truant

Absenteeism and tardiness is a big problem in our profession. Work hard to value the time of your customers as well as your salon’s reputation. Respecting your client’s valuable time creates a sense of trust and projects professionalism to your clients.

8. Leaving clients for personal calls


Talking on your cell phone when working on your client is a no-no. Every client deserves your FULL attention.  Unless it’s an emergency, use your break to chat with friends or return phone calls.

from a blog originally posted athttp://hcds4you.com on January 19th, 2012.


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